Have a blast on the 4th of July with these tips for safe and fun festivities!

4th of julyHow are you and your loved ones celebrating the 4th of July this year? For some, the holiday is spent at a backyard barbeque enjoying the local fireworks display with friends and family. Others take the opportunity to get out of town for a few days and celebrate in a new place.

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Why isn’t the insurance carrier using new parts on my car?

What vehicle owners need to know about aftermarket crash parts

By William J. Price

aftermarket crash partsWhen my 2006 Honda Accord was involved in an accident, the insurance company opted to use “non-original equipment manufacturer aftermarket crash parts” in the repairs. Also called non-OEM aftermarket crash parts, these parts were not new. The use of certain types of aftermarket crash parts can be a cause of concern for vehicle owners who are not properly informed about the practice. Read on to learn what you can expect of the parts used in repairs on your vehicle.  Continue reading “Why isn’t the insurance carrier using new parts on my car?”

In Case You Missed Them – Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

In case you missed any of these the first time around, take a look at our most popular blog posts of 2016.

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Yankee Candle recalls Luminous Collection candles for laceration hazard

Yankee Candle recall
Photo courtesy of Yankee Candle.

‘Tis the season to make sure gifts, given and received, are safe to use. The Yankee Candle Company, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, recently issued a voluntary recall on its line of Luminous Collection candles.

The company received an influx of consumer feedback reporting the candles’ glass spontaneously cracking, creating a possible laceration hazard.

Affected Yankee Candles

The collection is made up of six scented candles with the following product numbers:

  • Sea Salt and Coral (1535651)
  • Blackberry and Sage (1535890)
  • Apple Blossom and Melon (1535891)
  • Sugarcane and Honey (1535892)
  • Pine and Sandalwood (1535893)
  • Cinnamon and Cedar (1535894)

If you purchased or received a Luminous Collection candle, Yankee Candle is offering a full refund and an additional candle of your choice upon return. If the candle was purchased at another store, you must return it to a Yankee Candle location to receive the refund and additional candle.

For more information, call 877-803-6890 during business hours.

To view more holiday product recalls, visit safekids.org.

10 Things You May Not Know About Stipe Miocic

After defending his Heavyweight Championship last weekend, we wondered what fans might not know about the Cleveland hero. Here is our list:


1. He is a stand-out athlete in several sports.

Photos courtesy of Cleveland.com and Travecca Nazarene University

Before Stipe became an MMA fighter, he was a nationally ranked wrestler for Cleveland State University and also played third base for the Vikings. He transferred to Trevecca Nazarene University in Tennessee to play baseball. After his win in May, he hit two homeruns during a Cleveland Indians batting practice.


2. His back tattoo means…

Stipe back tattoo
Photos courtesy of Ken Pishina and Stipe Miocic

According to Stipe, it means “Strongstyle fight family,” and “Passion.” He trains out of Strongstyle Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in Independence, Ohio, which he says is “the best gym ever!” They recently wrapped their gym in his Championship photo.


3. His favorite movie is Deadpool.

“I wish I could be him.”stipedeadpool
We can see it.


4. He has two dogs, Mia and Primo.

Mia (left) and Primo (right) (courtesy of Stipe Miocic)
Mia (left) and Primo (right) (Courtesy of Stipe Miocic)

Awww. You can actually follow Primo on Instagram at @primomiocic


5. He is a fireman at two fire stations.

(Photo courtesy of DVN Photography)
Photo courtesy of DVN Photography

While training, he is able to pick his shifts to work at Valley View Fire Department and Oakwood Fire Department. His co-workers enjoy messing with him, and even made him stand on the street and wave at people while wearing his belt.


6. His mom works here at Elk & Elk.


That’s how we know him! After his win in May, he came to see the entire office and take photos. He is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy and calls his mom his hero. She has his gloves and signed photos up at her desk.


7. He is hilarious on social media.

His personality really comes through as he responds to the “haters” on social media. He often retweets an insult and makes a joke out of it. His two title wins say more than enough to the trolls. His accounts are all under @stipemiocicufc. Give him a follow!


8. After he defended his title last weekend, he ate…

“Breakfast food and pancakes. The ultimate feast!”



9. He can take a nap or sleep at any time of the day.

Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook
Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook

“My napping skills are sharp.”


10. He is extremely active in the community.

Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook
Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook

Aside from his service as a fireman, he supports any charity that helps animals or children. He credits his victories to not only his team and his close support system, but the entire city of Cleveland. He is always willing to take a photo with fans or sign autographs.

Bonus: Stipe’s nickname?

Twitter Screenshot
How to Pronounce Stipe Miocic

We are Proud to be on Team Stipe Miocic.