Yankee Candle recalls Luminous Collection candles for laceration hazard

Yankee Candle recall
Photo courtesy of Yankee Candle.

‘Tis the season to make sure gifts, given and received, are safe to use. The Yankee Candle Company, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, recently issued a voluntary recall on its line of Luminous Collection candles.

The company received an influx of consumer feedback reporting the candles’ glass spontaneously cracking, creating a possible laceration hazard.

Affected Yankee Candles

The collection is made up of six scented candles with the following product numbers:

  • Sea Salt and Coral (1535651)
  • Blackberry and Sage (1535890)
  • Apple Blossom and Melon (1535891)
  • Sugarcane and Honey (1535892)
  • Pine and Sandalwood (1535893)
  • Cinnamon and Cedar (1535894)

If you purchased or received a Luminous Collection candle, Yankee Candle is offering a full refund and an additional candle of your choice upon return. If the candle was purchased at another store, you must return it to a Yankee Candle location to receive the refund and additional candle.

For more information, call 877-803-6890 during business hours.

To view more holiday product recalls, visit safekids.org.

10 Things You May Not Know About Stipe Miocic

After defending his Heavyweight Championship last weekend, we wondered what fans might not know about the Cleveland hero. Here is our list:


1. He is a stand-out athlete in several sports.

Photos courtesy of Cleveland.com and Travecca Nazarene University

Before Stipe became an MMA fighter, he was a nationally ranked wrestler for Cleveland State University and also played third base for the Vikings. He transferred to Trevecca Nazarene University in Tennessee to play baseball. After his win in May, he hit two homeruns during a Cleveland Indians batting practice.


2. His back tattoo means…

Stipe back tattoo
Photos courtesy of Ken Pishina and Stipe Miocic

According to Stipe, it means “Strongstyle fight family,” and “Passion.” He trains out of Strongstyle Mixed Martial Arts Training Center in Independence, Ohio, which he says is “the best gym ever!” They recently wrapped their gym in his Championship photo.


3. His favorite movie is Deadpool.

“I wish I could be him.”stipedeadpool
We can see it.


4. He has two dogs, Mia and Primo.

Mia (left) and Primo (right) (courtesy of Stipe Miocic)
Mia (left) and Primo (right) (Courtesy of Stipe Miocic)

Awww. You can actually follow Primo on Instagram at @primomiocic


5. He is a fireman at two fire stations.

(Photo courtesy of DVN Photography)
Photo courtesy of DVN Photography

While training, he is able to pick his shifts to work at Valley View Fire Department and Oakwood Fire Department. His co-workers enjoy messing with him, and even made him stand on the street and wave at people while wearing his belt.


6. His mom works here at Elk & Elk.


That’s how we know him! After his win in May, he came to see the entire office and take photos. He is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy and calls his mom his hero. She has his gloves and signed photos up at her desk.


7. He is hilarious on social media.

His personality really comes through as he responds to the “haters” on social media. He often retweets an insult and makes a joke out of it. His two title wins say more than enough to the trolls. His accounts are all under @stipemiocicufc. Give him a follow!


8. After he defended his title last weekend, he ate…

“Breakfast food and pancakes. The ultimate feast!”



9. He can take a nap or sleep at any time of the day.

Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook
Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook

“My napping skills are sharp.”


10. He is extremely active in the community.

Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook
Photo courtesy of Stipe Miocic Facebook

Aside from his service as a fireman, he supports any charity that helps animals or children. He credits his victories to not only his team and his close support system, but the entire city of Cleveland. He is always willing to take a photo with fans or sign autographs.

Bonus: Stipe’s nickname?

Twitter Screenshot
How to Pronounce Stipe Miocic

We are Proud to be on Team Stipe Miocic.

3 Tips for Staying Safe While Playing Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO
We spotted an Eevee at the Elk & Elk Headquarters!

After the release of Pokémon GO earlier this month, millions of fans set out in search of virtual creatures in their communities. The augmented reality game encourages players to exercise, and may even be helpful for those coping with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. However, the technology poses a variety of potential safety risks. Follow our tips for avoiding injuries while playing Pokémon GO.

3 Pokémon GO Safety Tips

1. Don’t catch and drive.

The recent report of a massive pileup caused by a Pokémon GO player may be a hoax, but the dangers of playing the game while driving are very real. Ohio State Highway Patrol and other government agencies took to social media to warn users of the dangers, and traffic accidents and injuries have already been reported.

2. Watch your step.

Playing Pokémon GO behind the wheel isn’t the only way people are putting themselves at risk. Despite a warning on the app’s loading screen to stay alert, players have documented various injuries resulting from distractions posed by the game. From tripping over a curb to accidently walking out in front of a moving vehicle, there are numerous ways one could conceivably be injured while playing.

3. Be aware of your surroundings.

Don’t use the game to justify venturing to a location you would usually consider unsafe. Try to limit playing time to daylight hours, and stay in populated, well-lit areas when playing at night. Bring a friend if you’ll be travelling to a secluded spot, and always avoid trespassing.

The Pokémon GO craze is just getting underway, so have fun and stay safe on your adventures! Trying to catch ‘em all in the Cleveland area? Head to Newburgh Heights, Walton Hills or Gates Mills.

Follow these tips for a fun and safe Fourth of July!


What do you have planned for the Fourth of July? From taking a mini vacation or hosting a cookout for family and friends to watching your local fireworks display, there are so many ways to enjoy this extended weekend. However, don’t let an injury or legal trouble ruin it for you or your family. Follow our tips for safe and fun Independence Day celebrations.

3 Tips for a Fun and Safe Fourth of July:

1. Be prepared for record-level traffic.

AAA recently estimated 43 million Americans will be hitting the road between June 30 and July 4. If the organization’s predictions hold true, it will be the highest travel volume ever recorded for this holiday period. Unfortunately, the National Safety Council also believes it could be the most deadly since 2008. Follow our tips for safe travel in heavy holiday traffic.

Most importantly, don’t forget to designate a sober driver or arrange for alternate transportation for your Independence Day festivities. According to NCS, almost 40 percent of fatal crashes during the holiday period each year involve alcohol.

2. Prevent fires at your cookout.

Firing up the grill over the long weekend? Keep your family, guests and home safe by taking simple precautions to prevent fires and injuries at your cookout. Be sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your home, deck railings and other flammable surfaces. Your grill should never be left unattended, and children and pets should not be allowed to wander around the area while you’re cooking.

More grilling safety tips: Prevent Fires at Your Summer Cookouts

3. Be cautious about using fireworks.

First and foremost, check the laws in fourth of julyyour area regarding consumer firework use before making a purchase. In Ohio, it is legal to purchase many types of fireworks, but only a handful are legal to set off within the state. Even if you’re not at risk of legal consequences, all types of fireworks come with serious safety risks. Safe Kids Worldwide recommends giving children glow sticks to play with instead or sparklers or poppers, and it’s safer for everyone if you leave the real fireworks to the professionals.

Don’t forget your pets. Fourth of July can be a particularly stressful holiday for animals, so keep your pets inside during the fireworks display. Even if your pet is used to being outside or around people, the exceptionally loud noises and large crowds could cause them to panic or run.

However you choose to spend your holiday weekend, we hope your festivities are a blast. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Elk & Elk!

Do you have a road trip planned for Memorial Day Weekend?

Safe Travel TipsYou’re not alone. American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates nearly 40 million Americans will be hitting the road over the three-day weekend.

Unfortunately, the National Safety Council believes this could be the deadliest Memorial Day holiday since 2009. If the NSC’s projections prove to be accurate, more than 400 lives will be lost and 50,500 people will be seriously injured in crashes.

Keep these 5 safe travel tips in mind as you get behind the wheel:

1. Put your phone away.

Despite numerous campaigns and programs designed to raise awareness about the consequences of distracted driving, over 650,000 motorists are using their cell phone or another electronic device while behind the wheel at any given time. Quitting this dangerous habit is one of the simplest ways to reduce the odds of a crash.

2. Turn off your hands-free system.

Many Americans falsely believe using their vehicle’s Bluetooth system or voice-to-text capabilities while driving is safer than using their phone directly. However, multitasking is a myth – the human brain cannot perform two cognitive tasks at once. You could fail to visually register up to 50% of your driving environment while participating in this form of distracted driving.

If you need to place a call or send text, have a passenger do it for you or pull off at the nearest rest stop.

3. Buckle up.

According to National Safety Council estimates, over 100 lives could be saved over the Memorial Day holiday if everyone on the road wears their seat belt. Buckle yourself in, and be sure all of the passengers in your vehicle have done so as well.

4. Calm down.

Traveling in heavy holiday traffic can be incredibly frustrating, but driving aggressively is not the answer. Closely following other vehicles, weaving through traffic and making abrupt lane changes only puts you at greater risk of a crash. If the tables are turned and another driver is tailgating your vehicle, maintain your speed and carefully move over as soon as your path is clear to allow them to pass you. Drive defensively and keep an eye out for other drivers engaging in risky behaviors.

5. Watch your speed.

Although some highways in Ohio allow for speeds up to 70 mph, there is no need to travel much faster than this. Keep in mind that your risk of a deadly crash is doubled every 10 mph you travel over 50 mph. Also, construction zones are beginning to pop up again as the weather gets warmer. Watch for reduced speed limits and changing road patterns.

As always, please remember to designate a sober driver if you plan on drinking during any of your Memorial Day festivities. Click here for more safe travel tips.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!